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The Tangents collection

With the re-release on July 12th 1999 of the first (and nearly mythic) Belle & Sebastian LP Tigermilk, we thought it would be a fine idea to collect together in one place all of the articles about the group that we've published in the past two years or so. The first five articles also feature in the book 'Young and Foolish', published by Stride books.

Here's the index, in roughly chronological order of appearance:

If You're Feeling Sinister LP
A Night of Celebration: The Union Chapel show
Obscure Shit For Nobodies: Lazy Line Painter Jane EP
3,6,9 Seconds of Light EP
Angels in the Architecture: The Manchester Town Hall shows
Cock Fun: The Boy With The Arab Strap LP
Soul of an Unearthly: The Modern Rock Song EP
I Don't Love Anyone: not a review of Tigermilk

For a clearer (but not much clearer) idea of the characters cropping up in many of the articles, please read the Belle Lettres.

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