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the current cover star is jandek

Jazz In Japan
Paul Donnelly on, well, some Jazz from Japan

On Top Of A Mountain Top
Chris Fox on Daniel Johnston at Stereo, Glasgow, 10th August 2003

Going Above Ground
William Crain looks back on 1980-1982

Of Blankets and Batman
Alistair Fitchett on his summer of comics

What Speed Do You Read At?
John Carney ponders books and Country Soul

Refresh Your Ears
Paul Donnelly on two new Thirsty Ear releases

Here’s Tom with the Weather
Mark Davies on the new Shack album

The Door And The Window And Perfect Harmony
John Carney on recent listening

Stuff I Made
collages by Sethe

Home Made
Rupert Loydell celebrates an Eyeless in Gaza/Lol Coxhill reissue

Let Bygones Be Bygones
Rupert Loydell on two recent music books

What Do You Call That Noise?
John Carney on some recent listening

Naomi Through The Window
Rachel Stevenson on the ‘posterchild’ of the anti-globalisation movement

The Velvet Hour
Daniel Williams on the new album by The Clientele

School Sucks
Alistair Fitchett survives it all with The Clientele

Tim Hopkins on the Clientele's The Velvet Hour

Do The Rubber Neck
Alistair Fitchett on some recent listening

Beauty Stab
ABC's second album reappraised by Mark Davies

Cycling and Football Vs. Drinking
William Crain finds the third way

A Sea of Possibilities
Illustrations by Dee Rimbaud

Le Velo
Alistair Fichett tells why, for him, cycling beats football hands down

Football vs Cycling
Robin Tomens puts the case for footie

Buy This Record Please!
John Carney on The Wild Swans' Incandescent

Treasure Hunting
Alistair Fitchett on The Wild Swans' Incandescent

What Do I Look Like, An Indian?
William Crain on Rough Trade Shops- Post-Punk Vol. 01

Contents of the Jiffy Bag
Paul Donnelly on some recent listening

Positively Houston St.
Matthew Hintz on Yes New York

You're Shouting So Loud You'd Do Better To Mime
John Carney on New York Noise

I Blame the Teachers
Alistair Fitchett listens to the Playwrights

William Crain on experimental filmmaker Stan Brakhage

Making Plans For Time Machines
Alistair Fitchett revisits the early 1980's

Rain On The Roof
John Carney ponders Jim Dodge and Picket Fences

Stains On A Decade
Alistair Fitchett on Felt