The truth about Everett True Part 2

Hey, Charlotte.
Already too many bar owners know my first name and spell it wrong - you'd've thought they'd've heard of the town they named after me by now. People have cold, transparent skins here. They are very earnest and have only the smallest amount of humor. They tell me I should hang idiot boards round my neck or speak slower. But I have the QUEEN'S ENGLISH! Three nights ago at Aerospace I sat on a music panel full of old people who still remember dimly what fun smelled like. An argument broke out over an unpaid bill. I revealed my love for the stench of corruption. Grunge guru Jack Endino pointed out that all the classic million-selling Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd LPs of the '70s were slagged off at the time by elitist hipster journalists.

But they'd have been correct to have done so, right?

©Everett True 1998.