seattle Seattle For Beginners
Friday September 11

5pm: Reception, Space Needle

"Dear Everett," the form letter from Seattle Symphony Public Relations began, "We're delighted you'll be able to join us for all, or part of, the media weekend for the opening of Benaroya Hall. . ." No problem. We're internationally-reputed music critics, right? We know how to scoff salmon and oysters (cooked? ugh!) and champagne as good as any fancy-pants Dan, right? We too can appreciate a fine, fulsome view of Seattle's skyline, marred only by two massive, bright yellow cranes. "When we saw your Stranger name-tags," one bright young thing sitting at our table remarks, "We knew we were in the right spot." The lady senator nods agreement.

What? We're not fucking performing monkeys.

Later at the Breakroom, someone suggests Ballard would be a good place to visit-"and we'll be back before midnight". Bad move. Triple vodkas at five in the morning certainly ain't gonna help facilitate our forthcoming enjoyment of Seattle's finer tourist spots.

Saturday September 12

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