Who Are You?: anna hedigan

Where Are You?: melbourne australia

What Are You?: a writer struggling to feed me cakehole. happy but. very happy.

What do you make?: collages. gardens. a novel. short stories. multimedia.

What do you love?: popcorn. adam ford. ella rose hedigan dattner. 70's porn. real breasts. asparagus and broad beans - both in season here now. artists whose names begin with the letter c. Mithras.

What do you hate?: religious dogma. my temper. my inability to think when hungry. custard. people who chew tobacco in front of me.

What do you listen to?: marvin pontiac, anything on couchblip, rocket science, hank williams, jimmie rodgers, bobby bland, mahalia jackson, parliament, i should probably stop now.

What do you watch?: works of art. the wattle birds in the banksia outside my kitchen window.

What do you drink?: lots of water. lime cordial. espresso coffee.

What do you smoke?: whatever is passed to me from my left

What do you take?: whatever is passed to me from my right oh yes, and organic pyschotropics.

What do you believe in?: me. the gnostic universe where evil is an important principle in balance with good.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: inside a book.

What were you?: overweight and unhappy. myopic. saving myself with books. a binge drinker.

What did you wear?: 8 strings of pearls, puffy shirt with giant brooch at the throat, brocade frock coat, crushed velvet trousers, ragged hair,

What did you listen to?: The the, tom waits, prince, sting (I'll admit it), eurythmics, smash hits 80's pap.

What did you watch?: lots of bad tv. myself from the outside when i was being felt up by boys i didnt give a shit about or when i was vomiting.

What did you love?: sting. boy george. laurence olivier. my family whilst hating them simultaneously. my best friend karen vanspall

What did you hate?: most of the girls in my class. a number of teachers. exercise. sunlight.

What did you drink?: any alcohol short of chinese cooking wine. diet coke (shudder)

What did you smoke?: heavy tar cigarettes, lots of dope.

What did you take?: valium, serapax, speed - but only once

What did you want to be?: i wouldnt have been thinking that far ahead.

Who did you fight?: not nearly enough people who gave me the shits.

Who/What did you believe in?: god. but he was dead, too. tom waits. carl gustav jung. moliere. shakespeare.

Where did you go?: school. to europe with my family.

What did you learn?: so much from that trip. about hierarchy and self defence at school.

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