Who Are You?: amy

Where Are You?: newaygo, MI, USA

What Are You?: a redheaded female at the age of 28.

What do you make?: i make candles and mix tapes and love. oh, and stuff for my house. i know i make some people happy.

What do you love?: music, records, painting,

What do you hate?: pensive wandering moments. money.

What do you listen to?: stereolab, belle and sebastian, radiohead, sleater-kinney, billy bragg, x, the smiths, astrud gilberto, the sea and cake, flin flon, talking heads, afghan whigs, talulah gosh, shop assistants, yo la tengo, john coltrane, blondie, abba, go-betweens, cocteau twins, oh gosh...i just love music, damn it.

What do you watch?: david letterman. the news.

What do you drink?: ocean spray cran*grape. live it, love it.

What do you smoke?: marlboro medium 100s, marijuana.

What do you take?: shit.

What do you believe in?: friendship. that romance can make you feel your soul. there is a god. feeling good.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: not too far from where i am now.

What were you?: basically the same, i had just moved away from home tho, so i was all fresh and young and excitable. not the quaint mushroom you see today.

What did you wear?: i wore a lot of baggy clothes back then. and old lady old school natalie merchant thrift store dresses.

What did you listen to?: basically the same stuff i do now, just not some of the newer bands i've taken a liking to.

What did you watch?: 120 minutes. david letterman. the news.

What did you love?: my new job at a day care center.

What did you hate?: my roommate.

What did you drink?: lots of water.

What did you smoke?: i didn't really smoke then.

What did you take?: shit.

What did you want to be?: a writer or something. uh.

Who did you fight?: i never fight.

Who/What did you believe in?: the same.

Where did you go?: all over the state.

What did you learn?: more than you care to know.

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