Who Are You?: Lauren

Where Are You?: New Orleans

What Are You?: 17 year old without a plan

What do you make?: Calendars. Buildings. Drawings. Really great jambalaya.

What do you love?: A night all to myself. Silence. Having no one else around.

What do you hate?: Loud people. People should get it but just don't. Humidity. Livejournals. Me. People who fill out things such as this.

What do you listen to?: Whatever the college station plays for me or whatever the mailing lists tell me. I'm too lazy and too busy to actively search out music.

What do you watch?: People ask me that all the time, and I never know... I do stare off into space a lot though.

What do you drink?: The cheapest drink.

What do you smoke?: Whatever people give me.

What do you take?: Again, whatever people give me.

What do you believe in?: Letting everything work out on its own.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Same place, that was only a few months ago.

What were you?: Pretty much the same as I am now, but a little more naive.

What did you wear?: The same outfit I wear today. A t-shirt with this French nursery rhyme and jeans.

What did you listen to?: I haven't bought a CD since my 17th birthday. Dommage.

What did you watch?: Still stared into space.

What did you love?: People who sort of get it.

What did you hate?: Myself. Where I live. The South. Bad music. Over-acheivers. Slimy people.

What did you drink?: Vodka.

What did you smoke?: Nothing then.

What did you take?: Nothing.

What did you want to be?: A writer or some pioneering social activist or something.

Who did you fight?: No one.

Who/What did you believe in?: Good people.

Where did you go?: High school, art festivals, college classes.

What did you learn?: To speak up.

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