Who Are You?: alexis. sixela

Where Are You?: in my room alone for once as my roommate has gone away, in a large building for international students, in berkeley, in california. far from home.

What Are You?: a girl. daydreaming. quirkyalone. in love. a little afraid for the world. a little hopeful for myself.

What do you make?: thoughts.

What do you love?: the sky at night and by the sea. words in a beautiful order. someone far away. smiling with strangers. sounds that make me want to cry.

What do you hate?: militarism. hypocrisy. nationalism. sport. the mainstream media. the look some people get when you do or say something that doesn't fit with their worldview. bad music.

What do you listen to?: now, galaxie 500. other times, in this mood, trembling blue stars, cat power, barefoot contessa, yo la tengo, sigur ros, boards of canada. in different moods, the make up, bikini kill, sleater-kinney, the moldy peaches, mogwai, godspeed, tortoise, sebadoh.

What do you watch?: hal hartley films. indie and queer coming of age films. no tv in a while, though i like to sink into it sometimes. late night arts documentaries. occasionally, hollywood teen movies and american series.

What do you drink?: ribena. water. beer. wine, especially wine. vodka. coffee. tea.

What do you smoke?: the occasional joint.

What do you take?: see above.

What do you believe in?: the power of words, for good or bad. peace. myself.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: in my room, on my bed, in a council estate in glasgow in scotland.

What were you?: scared. hopeful. depressed. a teenager. worried.

What did you wear?: a leather coat my mum had in the seventies, that i still wear. doc martens. bootcut jeans or flares. tshirts less cool than i thought they were. nail varnish. dark red hair dye.

What did you listen to?: radiohead. manic street preachers. suede. pulp. blur. the longpigs. elastica. the velvet underground. david bowie. bjork.

What did you watch?: my own private idaho. before sunrise. this life. er. kids tv.

What did you love?: the idea of leaving. science fiction. the music press.

What did you hate?: the people at school. my neighbours. myself. chart music. militarism.

What did you drink?: orange juice. water. coffee. ribena. beer. vodka.

What did you smoke?: nothing.

What did you take?: it for granted that i was unique and alone in the world.

What did you want to be?: writing. in love. cool. at university. somewhere safe.

Who did you fight?: my mum though there was never anything to argue about. the world, in my head. no one, in reality.

Who/What did you believe in?: not god. not myself. the future, sometimes. the words they were singing on my stereo.

Where did you go?: to london. to university. to the realisation of some of my dreams.

What did you learn?: falling in love with being in love gets you nowhere. i am not a jealous person. not everything you think about yourself gets proved wrong. to thine own self be true.

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