Who Are You?: A serf.

Where Are You?: In Europe.

What Are You?: Human.

What do you make?: Things.

What do you love?: Eventual freedom.

What do you hate?: Serfdom.

What do you listen to?: Water.

What do you watch?: Dirt roads.

What do you drink?: Vodka.

What do you smoke?: Nothing.

What do you take?: All I can.

What do you believe in?: Paranoia.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: In Europe.

What were you?: A serf.

What did you wear?: Ragged clothes.

What did you listen to?: Screams.

What did you watch?: Fights.

What did you love?: Nothing.

What did you hate?: All.

What did you drink?: Water.

What did you smoke?: Pot.

What did you take?: Crack.

What did you want to be?: An astronaut.

Who did you fight?: Parents and owners.

Who/What did you believe in?: Myself and my sister.

Where did you go?: Away.

What did you learn?: Cruelty. Repetition.

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