Who Are You?: Natalie

Where Are You?: At work

What Are You?: Bored and sneezing

What do you make?: Excuses. Lots of them.

What do you love?: Sleep.

What do you hate?: Sleep.

What do you listen to?: Typing on keyboards. White noise. Computer hum. But these are just weekdays.

What do you watch?: My own keyboard, white noise and computer screen.

What do you drink?: Today? Vintage Natural Spring Water. It's sodium-free.

What do you smoke?: Nothing.

What do you take?: Breaks. And lot of them, too.

What do you believe in?: The surrealism of corporate aesthetics as it relates to swivel chairs and post-it notes.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Not at work.

What were you?: I was hopeful.

What did you wear?: Opinions like badges.

What did you listen to?: My parents. It's true. I admit it.

What did you watch?: The Cosby Show on prime time, I think.

What did you love?: Definitely not school.

What did you hate?: School, mostly.

What did you drink?: I didn't. As I said, I listened to my parents. Strange? Maybe so.

What did you smoke?: Nothing. But my best friend at the time, Kiki, was up to a pack a day. She usually smoked outside the band room.

What did you take?: Lunch to school. Pictures for the newspaper. The dog out.

What did you want to be?: Famous.

Who did you fight?: Myself. I know this because I still do it even now.

Who/What did you believe in?: Destiny. It sounds silly (and is is) but I believed in it anyway. That was before I experienced my first love and consequently my first real heartache. Hold on while I turn up this Patsy Cline song. Pancakes with that.

Where did you go?: To school. For pizza. The mall. The usual. It was central Pennsylvania after all. I think I liked Bennetton clothing a lot. It was before they did those ads from death row.

What did you learn?: That no one hands you anything. And if they do, you pay the price for it later by not knowing how to succeed on your own.

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