Who Are You?: Andres, male, spanish, 28 aged

Where Are You?: At my office in Madrid

What Are You?: Iăm a bored journalist who write bored things about watches and travel agencies that nobody care (and theyăre right)

What do you make?: I try to escape from here (from my current job, not from Madrid)

What do you love?: Pretty young womenăs faces (not so young), snow, cold air in my face, norwegian landscapes, spanish terrace bars at sunset, big cities, be loved...

What do you hate?: Good-looking and rich teenagersă violence against poor boys. It exists!! (unless in Madrid)

What do you listen to?: Currently, Ooberman, Fosca, Whipping Boy, Matinée stuff, Undertones. Iăve got now A Diana Ross Cd on my player.

What do you watch?: Last film: The Pianist

What do you drink?: beer and coke with rum, but never Bacardi (ităs crap). Cacique, Pampero and Barcel' are much better.

What do you smoke?: Othersă smoke but I donăt care so much

What do you take?: Aspirines after a terrible night and the tube everyday four times

What do you believe in?: Vaya! Iăm afraid I donăt believe in many things, just in Nature (Iăm sure ităll be another spring after the winter, another summer after the spring...)

When We Were 16

Where were you?: In Madrid. Big cities never get you bored

What were you?: At school. It was private and catholic (franciscian fathers)

What did you wear?: Like other boys ang girls: jeans, trainers and t-shirts.

What did you listen to?: All Sarah bands, Jesse Garon, Lilac Time, Talulah Gosh, My Bloody Valentine....

What did you watch?: TV, films and people walking by the streets.

What did you love?: Be loved but in another sense than nowadays

What did you hate?: Almost everyone and everything, although tt wasnăt a good way to reach my first vital goal: be loved

What did you drink?: Beers, whisky and wodka with lima (it was horrible!)

What did you smoke?: My first cigars, but I gave it up soon

What did you take?: No drugs, for sure: they were very expensive for me and my friends

What did you want to be?: Iăm not sure, probably writer, singer or gigolo: neither of them was aprobed by my parents

Who did you fight?: I fighted against all the things which made happy to my social circle people. Iăm still wonder why I was so stupid

Who/What did you believe in?: In Truth like the only way to reach the Karma (it means: money, peace, power, health). I tell you again I wasnăt very clever

Where did you go?: Italy, with three thousand spanish students more during the Easter week. I realized it was nicer than Spain

What did you learn?: Then: lock the door if you wanked in the bathroom. Now: Life hasnăt got finishing line.

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