Who Are You?: Sid Smith

Where Are You?: Whitley Bay which is near newcastle upon Tyne

What Are You?: Overweight 40 something aspirant

What do you make?: words, paintings and (so I'm told) mostly a mess

What do you love?: The taste of earth and autumn on my tongue, my children and my partner - though not always in that order.

What do you hate?: Right wing demagogues and brussel sprouts

What do you listen to?: the sublime and the ridiculous

What do you watch?: the sea and sky - as much as I can.

What do you drink?: sometimes lager - the odd glass of wine and sometimes even a normal glass of wine.

What do you smoke?: I don't.

What do you take?: I sometimes shoplift by accident.

What do you believe in?: the power of love and connectedness

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Wallsend - a small town famous for building ships and being the birth place of Sting.

What were you?: a thin, long-haired ebulliant kind of lad who was simultaneously riddled with doubt and a swagger which could take the world on.

What did you wear?: Loon pants, duffle coat, desert boots, a little hat crochetted by my Gran. And lots of patchouli.

What did you listen to?: Rock bands and avant-garde classics. King Crimson and Stockhausen. The Beatles.

What did you watch?: Girls mostly. Bands in concert several times a week.

What did you love?: The seeming availability of everything. It all It looked possible and limitless.

What did you hate?: small town conformity. The fact that you had to know your place.

What did you drink?: Vast quantities of Newcastle Brown Ale.

What did you smoke?: Actually I didn't smoke anything until I was eighteen.

What did you take?: Any kind of drugs I could get my hands on. That would have include uppers / downers / hash cakes/ acid/ etc.

What did you want to be?: A musician / artist / writer / performer / any or all of the above.

Who did you fight?: A complete stranger who picked a fight with me for no apparent reason. I got hammered.

Who/What did you believe in?: I suppose John Lennon's "political" posturing had some kind of influence and awakened an interest in politics.

Where did you go?: Dead end jobs in supermarkets and retail.

What did you learn?: The customer is nearly always wrong.

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