Who Are You?: a girl with long black hair and watery eyes.

Where Are You?: in a room, a prison, a warehouse with no windows; they call it a college. its full of people and computers and books and books.

What Are You?: unsure. an adult by 3 months. lost, undecided, contemplative...without faith.

What do you make?: myself unhappy.pretty colored bracelets.a mess of most things, everything.

What do you love?: a boy, houmous and certain moments when listening to music that make you feel magical.but moreover, i love hating music for allowing me those moments far too infrequently.

What do you hate?: too much. too many people and too many places and things and ways and actions and thoughts and songs and dances and clothes and dreams...

What do you listen to?: tindersticks, tindersticks and jack and tindersticks.there used to be more but now there isnt.

What do you watch?: everyone changing around me, other people. i sit and stare.

What do you drink?: baileys or malibu or vodka. cocktails. bottled water only.

What do you smoke?: malboro lights and marlboro light menthols. a golden box for sunny days and green box for rainy days.

What do you take?: painkillers by the handful to numb sleepless nights.

What do you believe in?: poetry

When We Were 16

Where were you?: curled up in a corner beside my bed wanting to die and wanting that boy.

What were you?: a pretty little girl with a pink handbag and glittery eyes

What did you wear?: black and pink and anything that sparkled, fairy wands and fairy wings, silly tshirts and kitsch pigtails and bangs...

What did you listen to?: manics and suede

What did you watch?: music videos and french films

What did you love?: the same boy

What did you hate?: everything

What did you drink?: vodka and ribeana

What did you smoke?: marlboro lights - bad habits die hard

What did you take?: anything handed to me

What did you want to be?: a music journalist

Who did you fight?: the bad people, the trendies, those who didnt believe in magic and fairies

Who/What did you believe in?: richey

Where did you go?: local indie disco's and the coolest pubs with the coolest music and the coolest people and the best decor and the graffiti toilets and the worst hangovers with the deadliest memories

What did you learn?: im still working on that one, baby

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