Who Are You?: marcos.

Where Are You?: stuck on a ship. literally.

What Are You?: 21 y/o self-proclaimed hipster. paperpusher for the navy. hungry for jujubes.

What do you make?: little money, bad choices, great friends, an ass of myself around my great friends.

What do you love?: the toner section of transworld magazine. really comfortable shoes. tea. myself. my stuff. family, i guess. my skateboard. curb your enthusiasm. sex and the city. maximum exposure. alright, i fucking love television. and the punk machine(r.i.p.).

What do you hate?: being sick. admitting that teenage kids these days frighten me.

What do you listen to?: steam pipes. hard wind. shins. pedro the lion. belle and sebastian. modest mouse. quasi. grandaddy. beasties. jsbx. beastles. people lying about how great they are.

What do you watch?: my ass. and t.v.!

What do you drink?: beer, tea, and coke.

What do you smoke?: nothing.

What do you take?: people's good vibes and make 'em rotten.

What do you believe in?: everything that makes me think i'm great.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: san antonio, tx.

What were you?: an aspiring hipster.

What did you wear?: ugly clothes.

What did you listen to?: punk rock.

What did you watch?: time slip away.

What did you love?: my skateboard. barbeques. free money.

What did you hate?: the law. the military.

What did you drink?: big red soda.

What did you smoke?: cigarettes occasionally.

What did you take?: people's things.

What did you want to be?: loved and appreciated.

Who did you fight?: my parents. i was a bad kid.

Who/What did you believe in?: nobody.

Where did you go?: downtown.

What did you learn?: things change normally for the worse.

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