Who Are You?: A dreamer on her way ...
Where Are You?: In the way too smallănătight town of Stockholm, Sweden, Europe
What Are You?: A dreaming student/journalist and in the business of multimedia and music
What do you make?: Dreams come true
What do you love?: My dreams - if they come true
What do you hate?: Narrow-minded people
What do you listen to?: Rockabilly (esp. from the 50ăs), hiphop and folk music
What do you watch?: Good stuff
What do you drink?: Too much
What do you smoke?: Absolutely nothing
What do you take?: My time
What do you believe in?: My dreams

When We Were 16

Where were you?: In the same city of Stockholm, though in a friendlier part of it
What were you?: Dreaming
What did you wear?: Jeans ... jeans ... jeans ...
What did you listen to?: 50/60ăs
What did you watch?: Probably 90210
What did you love?: Different guys, just like nowadays ;)
What did you hate?: Some friends, I guess
What did you drink?: Not too much
What did you smoke?: Hell! Nothing!
What did you take?: My mothers advices
What did you want to be?: A journalist
Who did you fight?: Everything, though quite quietly
Who/What did you believe in?: Not much
Where did you go?: To the f*cking school
What did you learn?: How to go to school and please everyone ...

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