Who Are You?: sim
Where Are You?: London, England.
What Are You?: Lost.
What do you make?: A dog's breakfast.
What do you love?: cats.
What do you hate?: celebrity and rudeness.
What do you listen to?: the aislers set.
What do you watch?: the world going by.
What do you drink?: tea.
What do you smoke?: nothing.
What do you take?: time.
What do you believe in?: that this our only chance.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Just outside London, England.
What were you?: excited by the future.
What did you wear?: it well.
What did you listen to?: 'Ambition' by Subway Sect
What did you watch?: my P's & Q's.
What did you love?: music.
What did you hate?: Peers, careers.
What did you drink?: tea.
What did you smoke?: nothing.
What did you take?: a back seat.
What did you want to be?: something special.
Who did you fight?: in the end, myself.
Who/What did you believe in?: that I can make a difference.
Where did you go?: wrong.
What did you learn?: that isobars are lines on a weather map connecting points of equal pressure. nothing else.

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