Who Are You?: Sigboyd - a man with Life in his eyes
Where Are You?: North West England
What Are You?: Good question, I think human but my friends may disagree. I have been classified as 'odd'
What do you make?: People laugh, music, a mess and often NOISE!
What do you love?: Muisc, the moon, summer, Naomi, and majic hand rolled smoking articals!
What do you hate?: Sarcasm, arrogance, plastic people, politics, taxes and lots of other things, but more dislike - hate is often too strong.
What do you listen to?: Drum & Bass, Deep Forest, Cafe Del Mar, Anything on Ninja Tunes, Pork recordings or anything non commercial and chilled. Just music!
What do you watch?: No Tv except Simpsons - a great parody on life
What do you drink?: Gin. Stella and Bud. Water, Milk and Juice.
What do you smoke?: Dutch tobacco and Skunk.
What do you take?: Herbs. Hoover Hoover!
What do you believe in?: God, manners, love, and that the future will behold a new era for man after we are visited....

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Taking acid with friends on the site on an burnt out pub! No shit, it was bad but it was our space
What were you?: I was a professor - experimenting with all that I could before I knew it screwed up your head. A fox or a Rhino - can't decide which?
What did you wear?: Big baggy jeans and Huddies!
What did you listen to?: James, Charlatens, ALL sorts of Indie tunes from the UK, never liked 'that foreign crap'
What did you watch?: Lots of TV with women in. Baywatch! Did'nt we all?
What did you love?: Girls, acid, beer, smoking, laughing, my skatebord, trees, not going to school
What did you hate?: No idea - probably something as we all have hate in some form but I can't remember what?
What did you drink?: Cider, beer, spirits, you name it I drank it. Mushroom brew!
What did you smoke?: Anything I could get my hands on
What did you take?: Anything I could get my hands on
What did you want to be?: Rich.
Who did you fight?: No-one - a pasafict I am now and was then.
Who/What did you believe in?: Not much - only that the future would hold some big changes in my life and that of teh planet.
Where did you go?: Manchester, Liverpool, to the moon and back some nights
What did you learn?: Trust is earned. Acid is bad. Women taste great!

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