Who Are You?: Mat
Where Are You?: At Home
What Are You?: Human, Male, Alive(jusy)
What do you make?: Carbon Dioxide, websites,
What do you love?: Daphne & Celeste
What do you hate?: Rap, RnB, the whole goddam system, bugs in Win98
What do you listen to?: D&C, Fleetwood Mac, New Model Army - good stuff!
What do you watch?: Almost anything
What do you drink?: Orange Juice... or Archers (neat)
What do you smoke?: Nothing at all
What do you take?: Used to be wine gums...
What do you believe in?: Fear

When We Were 16

Where were you?: At Home, and still at school, but doing the new GCSE exams (I was a guinea pig for these fucked up new exams)
What were you?: A mad ZX Spectrum user, shy
What did you wear?: Jeans, T-shirt, Trainers...
What did you listen to?: Fleetwood Mac, Debbie Gibson, Climie Fisher....(I still do)
What did you watch?: Super Channel and the original SKY TV.... Trap Door.. Clouds in the sky
What did you love?: Louise T, Vannessa P, Polos
What did you hate?: the system and RML 48z computers, House Music
What did you drink?: Water, Orange juice
What did you smoke?: Nothing
What did you take?: nothing..
What did you want to be?: I didn`t know then, and I still ain`t got a fucking clue
Who did you fight?: Anthony
Who/What did you believe in?: I was gonna be dead by 18... now it`s gonna be 30
Where did you go?: Down the wrong path
What did you learn?: Don`t buy a computer, they really do screw up your life

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