Who Are You?: A conglomerate, composite man of the era
Where Are You?: In Fremantle Western Australia
What Are You?: Musician, Poet, Flim Flam Man, Genius, Fool, Suffering Man
What do you make?: Music, Chaos, Water,
What do you love?: Music, as opposed to image driven empty post modern posturing/Live Music/ CCR/Beethoven/Satie/Honnegar/Faure/Obscure stuff I an never remember the names of
What do you hate?: Sham, Deception Abuse of Trust..Time wasting Trivial Hold ups to everything
What do you listen to?: A vast range of Classic rock/Classic Classical/Folk
What do you watch?: ABC/SBS BBC
What do you drink?: European Style Beer/ Australian Beer/ Single Malt in winter
What do you smoke?: Various Ciggarettes
What do you take?: Heroin too often...
What do you believe in?: Universal Life, That there is such a thing as Truth. Love/ Kindness. Good Outcomes

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Playing in a Band with my peer group, smoking Grass, Drinking, having my first love
What were you?:
What did you wear?:
What did you listen to?:
What did you watch?:
What did you love?:
What did you hate?:
What did you drink?:
What did you smoke?:
What did you take?:
What did you want to be?:
Who did you fight?:
Who/What did you believe in?:
Where did you go?:
What did you learn?:

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