Who Are You?: A non-conformist reluctantly conforming
Where Are You?: ground zero
What Are You?: A lone stag in the Tundra
What do you make?: quarks, gluons, mesons, oh my!
What do you love?: poetry and the sounds of the sea
What do you hate?: making the bed
What do you listen to?: silence
What do you watch?: my grandfather riding a meteor on a cloudless night sky
What do you drink?: Famous Grouse
What do you smoke?: fish
What do you take?: pictures of bare trees
What do you believe in?: I believe in the words of Thoreau

When We Were 16

Where were you?: in suburbia
What were you?: a conformist becoming a non-conformist
What did you wear?: bell bottoms and a white belt
What did you listen to?: Who and CSNY
What did you watch?: Kennedy's funeral on TV
What did you love?: the girl next door
What did you hate?: the boy next door
What did you drink?: beer found in the woods
What did you smoke?: grass
What did you take?: aspirin
What did you want to be?: A veternarian
Who did you fight?: the conformists
Who/What did you believe in?: the music
Where did you go?: day dreaming
What did you learn?: day dreamers don't always succeed.

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