Who Are You?: jessica
Where Are You?: san francisco, ca, usa
What Are You?: writing girl word girl pop girl dancing girl
What do you make?: stories space sentences (breath) no money fun
What do you love?: the trees the words the sea the dancing the la- la-la-laughing the sond the needle makes as it hits the vinyl the sound the sound the sound
What do you hate?: the kids who wont dance the kids who dont talk in real talk or read books or think at all
What do you listen to?: aislers set b&s beachwood sparks cometgain clientele gene clark even as we speak el records felt gobetweens heavenly jam orange juice would be goods zombies close lobsters fire engines girls at our best mojave 3 slowdive telescopes ride bob dylan fairways matesofstate pastels teenage fanclub the weekend...........
What do you watch?: the traffic going by other people the waves the winds the boys and the stars
What do you drink?: tea vodka coffee odwalla juices water
What do you smoke?: export a light canadian cigarettes
What do you take?: echinacea vitamin c some other things maybe
What do you believe in?: the future the words the kisses best friends (like a pop song)

When We Were 16

Where were you?: in the mountains in a tiny house where it rained all the time
What were you?: a silly sad girl
What did you wear?: black
What did you listen to?: the cure and the smiths and maybe a bit of heavenly, maybe id just discovered them and probably lush and pale saints but also my dads dylan records and his beatles of course and some byrds too.
What did you watch?: teensploitaion mtv (120 minutes was actually good then)
What did you love?: reading writing records and being alone in my room while it was raining and smoking cigarettes out the back door
What did you hate?: all the other kids, 'cept a few good ones
What did you drink?: coffee diet coke vodka beer
What did you smoke?: marlboro lights
What did you take?: what didnt a bored 16 yr old in the rain with other bored sixteen yearolds in the rain take,eh?
What did you want to be?: brilliant
Who did you fight?: couldnt. too small.
Who/What did you believe in?: not much, but pop music, that was something..
Where did you go?: not far. went to san francisco and la when i cold. mostly just to santa cruz to buy records and drink coffee with the kids
What did you learn?: small towns:get out

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