Who Are You?: lucy db reynell
Where Are You?: front room ('the music room') at home in bristol, uk
What Are You?: a girl. a student at school. a scientist.
What do you make?: silly high pitched noises for a long time when i have excess energy. smoothies when the blender works. cookies when i'm lonely. lots of plans. a fanzine (occasionally). a bad impression (often).
What do you love?: when i can see the stars. travel to new places. travel to old places. songs with handclaps in them. 'autumn sweater' by yo la tengo. dancing to destinys child. my home.
What do you hate?: when my blender decides not to work. being stood up. college green. not being able to kiss L.
What do you listen to?: music, my family, my family trying to make music, my computer, the birds when i get home from a late nite,
What do you watch?: the water at the docks in bristol. sex + the city on tv.
What do you drink?: smoothies when my blender decides to work. orange high juice + waitrose orange juice if it doesn't. vodka & coke with ice + lemon when i'm out. appletize + vodka when i'm in.
What do you smoke?: other peoples' cigarettes. i have a rule not to buy my own, but I rarely accept a spliff.
What do you take?: ^other peoples cigarettes. i take alot of time to do most things.
What do you believe in?: art being what makes life worth while.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: same place. i am 16
What were you?: ditto
What did you wear?: my younger sister's clothes.
What did you listen to?: ditto
What did you watch?: ditto
What did you love?: ditto
What did you hate?: ditto
What did you drink?: ditto
What did you smoke?: ditto
What did you take?: ditto
What did you want to be?: loved. understood, but not by too many people.
Who did you fight?: ex-friends and form tutours
Who/What did you believe in?: ditto
Where did you go?: art house cinemas. local venues. london. cardiff.
What did you learn?: how many other people feel how i feel

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