Who Are You?: don't know
Where Are You?: Stockholm
What Are You?: don't know
What do you make?: dreams
What do you love?: dreams and love spontaneous moments of massive happiness (as long as theyre not caused by my antidepressive pills)
What do you hate?: hurting people. I've never really learned how to deal with it.
What do you listen to?: at the moment, Aimee Mann. Otherwise, alot of Dexys and alot of Bowie.
What do you watch?: films
What do you drink?: too much beer, dark rum and wine.
What do you smoke?: too many red marlboros
What do you take?: a bit of Hashish sometimes.
What do you believe in?: Right now I'm a bit lost. I am, though, really trying to learn to believe in following my own signals. Apart from that I really believe in being a good empathetic fellow as often as I can. It's very unnecessary to go around hurting people.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: outside Stockholm
What were you?: didn't know
What did you wear?: quite casual geek clothes. Then I had my hippie phase which eventually developed into my grunge phase.
What did you listen to?: David Bowie. And then what everybody else listened to at around -95. Nirvana, S.P., radiohead..
What did you watch?: the Cartwright Brothers.
What did you love?: My female friends.
What did you hate?: Didn't really know. It seemed complex but probably just had to do with not having a girlfriend.
What did you drink?: too much beer, gin, and wine.
What did you smoke?: marlboro reds.
What did you take?: a litlle bit of hashish sometimes.
What did you want to be?: a rockstar.
Who did you fight?: I don't fight. It makes me feel sick.
Who/What did you believe in?: My female friends
Where did you go?: through a phase or two.
What did you learn?: A little bit more about myself. It takes time but I'm getting there.

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