Who Are You?: kristina
Where Are You?: at uni, waiting for class to start
What Are You?: a girl, student, friend, sister, lover
What do you make?: do
What do you love?: my brother, getting up early and being the only one awake
What do you hate?: blaiming others
What do you listen to?: music its what makes life worthwile
What do you watch?: my back
What do you drink?: tap water, blackberry chrush
What do you smoke?: nada
What do you take?: pride in lots of things
What do you believe in?: myself, on good days

When We Were 16

Where were you?: in school
What were you?: unhappy about it
What did you wear?: chlothes
What did you listen to?: music
What did you watch?: out
What did you love?: my friends
What did you hate?: the system
What did you drink?: orange juice
What did you smoke?: nothing whatsoever
What did you take?: took in information
What did you want to be?: happy
Who did you fight?: I didn't. But should have
Who/What did you believe in?: that things would turn out alright
Where did you go?: to school, home
What did you learn?: lots and lots and I still haven't finished

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