Who Are You?: A demonlover
Where Are You?: On my way to become a silversmith
What Are You?: impatient
What do you make?: Really good dancemoves
What do you love?: CC, music, clothes and humanist
What do you hate?: double standard
What do you listen to?: Everything and everybody with soul
What do you watch?: Anything that makes me feel something and makes me think
What do you drink?: Chablis and Silkstocking
What do you smoke?: Lucky Strike
What do you take?: Alot of shit from different people
What do you believe in?: "Anything is possible"

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Out all night
What were you?: Bored
What did you wear?: Sneakers, Levi`s, sweatshirts
What did you listen to?: Indiepop and old soulmusic
What did you watch?: A lot of video
What did you love?: My mum, parties and boys
What did you hate?: Teachers and my body
What did you drink?: Anything with alcohol
What did you smoke?: Prince and Marlboro
What did you take?: A lot of shit from a lot of people
What did you want to be?: An actor
Who did you fight?: My mum and my Dad
Who/What did you believe in?: Nothing, not even myself
Where did you go?: To disco
What did you learn?: That you have to get it together as fast as possible

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