Who Are You?: whoever i was when i woke up that sunday and decided i didn't like who i used to try and be.
Where Are You?: outside chicago with a bad headache and transformer on repeat.
What Are You?: trying really hard,quiet and bored on the outside,inside i'm jumping. i have odd hips
What do you make?: my mom mad because i won't just play sports,days hard on myself,people look scary in long crowded hallways,no money,no friends,a lot of nachos.
What do you love?: a diminuitive,bespectacled,pseudo-ginger haired guitarist,my tennis shoes,the exchange student from the czech republic and his paper airplanes,when it smells like twinkies outside--i'm sure it's perfume from the dump way down the road,but then..all of life is ironic,isn't it
What do you hate?: that the next section asks me what i remember about being 16,and i am still 16. getting my headaches and falling asleep too early,falling asleep too late,smoking too much and not eating--a feeling i can equate to walking around with no hand to hold.
What do you listen to?: that early belle & sebastian, neil young,travis--my kings because i believe them and i don't really believe anyone else,those beatles,i listen carefully when someone tells me the future is mine. it's only mine if you will give it to me.
What do you watch?: the naked chef--and this is all
What do you drink?: dr.pepper,green tea
What do you smoke?: marlboro lights,your occasional marijuana
What do you take?: a lot of time,a lot of advil,books and weird bracelets,and badges that say *rockstar*
What do you believe in?: kurt vonnegut and every word he's ever written,the books laying out on my floor,mix tapes,rebecca,andy and me. andy and me and not a lot else

When We Were 16

Where were you?: still here
What were you?: still that
What did you wear?: dark jeans,pumas,a jean jacket and sweaters
What did you listen to?: oasis
What did you watch?: still that
What did you love?: still that
What did you hate?: still that
What did you drink?: still that
What did you smoke?: still that
What did you take?: still that
What did you want to be?: a rock star. not to have people chase me,to have people sit in their bedrooms and listen and say 'i know..yes yes yes,i fucking know' and to put me on a list of their best friends eventhough they've never met me. i want to shake hands and make tears--happy ones.
Who did you fight?: i can't fight,no one would fight me.
Who/What did you believe in?: still that
Where did you go?: to the riviera,for cigarette walks,taco bell and that record store where everyone is mean.
What did you learn?: the song will stay and the band will go,the winter will end but fall won't--that last day when the leaves are still orange will just get more orange,and when it stops being orange,then i will go. that laughing is good and kissing is good,sitting and watching is good. most of all i learned that talking too much is bad,the taste in your mouth you have from not opening it all day is good

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