Who Are You?: Rob Wright
Where Are You?: Dublin
What Are You?: Sick and tired
What do you make?: A nice Cantonese stir-fry
What do you love?: Belle and Sebastian
What do you hate?: Manchester United
What do you listen to?: Belle and Sebastian
What do you watch?: Sunsets
What do you drink?: Vodka
What do you smoke?: Fish
What do you take?: Uni-flu
What do you believe in?: God

When We Were 16

Where were you?: School
What were you?: Becoming me
What did you wear?: A uniform
What did you listen to?: Blur
What did you watch?: My life drift by
What did you love?: Hope
What did you hate?: School
What did you drink?: Cider
What did you smoke?: Zinc
What did you take?: liberties
What did you want to be?: Out of school
Who did you fight?: no-one, i hid
Who/What did you believe in?: The cruelty of teenagers
Where did you go?: Home
What did you learn?: Don't trust scangers. Ever.

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