Where are you? In my kitchen, Turin, Italy
What are you? Student, Miserable Sod
What do you make? Food, empty wine bottles
What do you love? Music, food, wine, beer
What do you hate? All of the above in poor form. Turin
What do you listen to? Jazz, Reggae, Ragga, Techno, IDM, Post Rock, Hardcore, Jungle, Funk, Soul, anything really as long as it does something for me
What do you watch? The world go by.
What do you drink? Wine, Beer, Whisky, Grappa with juniper berries in it, Gin, Martini
What do you smoke? Nothing at the moment, Never tobacco though
What do you take? Again nothing at the moment, but mind benders when I can dance outside
What do you believe in? Myself, friends

When We Were 16

Where were you? At boarding school, Westminster
What were you? just coming out of my cocoon
What did you wear? bright coloured clothes
What did you listen to? Jazz, just starting with indie and Jungle/Drum and bass. Some classical. Had just discovered Rough Trade's 7" box
What did you watch? sit-coms
What did you love?
What did you hate?
What did you drink? Guiness
What did you smoke? absolutely nothing
What did you take? ditto
What did you want to be? Designer
Who did you fight? The arseholes who bullied me. Only a war of words though.
Who/What did you believe in? Myself
Where did you go? Sheffield then Turin
What did you learn? that I like people and music

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