Who Are You?: The 39 year old who decides it's time to kick and scream
Where Are You?: I'm here, and I'm not here.
What Are You?: An enthusiastic failure who lurches from disappointment to diappointment and still thinks it's gonna get better
What do you make?: Fish food
What do you love?: Man. Laugh. Man. Laugh. Man
What do you hate?: Uniformity. Cafe Rouge. Gap. Any number of singers dancing in unison to a popular melody and loving it.
What do you listen to?: Mingus among us
What do you watch?: Faces
What do you drink?: Faces
What do you smoke?: Life. I'm the fag end.
What do you take?: No chances, no liberties. Nothing up the arse.
What do you believe in?: The predictability of all responses.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Locked in a heterosexual sixth form that measured success in everything but recognised failure.
What were you?: Out of place
What did you wear?: It didn't matter what I wore. It was carried with a frown. It was reaction, it was concious rebellion. Oh god thank you for the Buzzococks, the Clash and the chance to breath a difference.
What did you listen to?: The new sound of the late 70s youth
What did you watch?: The crotch
What did you love?: The crotch
What did you hate?: Lack of crotch
What did you drink?: Mild and Bitter
What did you smoke?: Gauloise
What did you take?: Shit
What did you want to be?: Out of my mind. Out of new town hell. Into beautiful people who did not see GIRLFRIEND as be all and end all.
Who did you fight?: Authority
Who/What did you believe in?: London. The unattainable state of reciprocated passion/love
Where did you go?: London.
What did you learn?: Everything. I learnt bloody everything. Anything can happen and it did.

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