Who Are You?: a female human
Where Are You?: Calgary, Canada
What Are You?: a female human
What do you make?: the creation of a paradigmatic self
What do you love?: opening your eyes in amazement to the bluest sky, uttermost sincerity the whole purity of it, people not afraid to show their vulnerability, the possibility of possibility, the cosy enclave of my bed
What do you hate?: hate
What do you listen to?: I like silence the best
What do you watch?: Coronation Street, kooky-looking people, clouds moving
What do you drink?: water, chyrsanthemum tea, strong coffee
What do you smoke?: menthols
What do you take?: free newspapers, pleasure in life to some extent
What do you believe in?: post-modernism to some extent

When We Were 16

Where were you?: here
What were you?: an imp
What did you wear?: musty-smelling clothes
What did you listen to?: community radio
What did you watch?: life pass by
What did you love?: a mod, self-contempt
What did you hate?: self-contempt
What did you drink?: sugary drinks
What did you smoke?: a good girl doesn't smoke
What did you take?: bad memories
What did you want to be?: better
Who did you fight?: the system, moronic youths who thought they were the be all and end all
Who/What did you believe in?: monotheism
Where did you go?: to many far-flunged corners of the world
What did you learn?: that you never stop ___

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