Who Are You?: Henrik Carlsson
Where Are You?: Umea, Sweden
What Are You?: poor student
What do you make?: bread
What do you love?: Romanticism
What do you hate?: Gothic stuff
What do you listen to?: Springsteen, Prince and the avalanches
What do you watch?: the west wing
What do you drink?: whisky
What do you smoke?: tiedemannĒs
What do you take?: brown salt
What do you believe in?: love, and the fact that george w bush is an asshole

When We Were 16

Where were you?: holmsund, sweden
What were you?: poor student
What did you wear?: trenchcoat
What did you listen to?: nirvana, chili peppers, weezer
What did you watch?: a-team
What did you love?: gothic stuff
What did you hate?: romanticism
What did you drink?: beer
What did you smoke?: marlboro lights
What did you take?: eĒs
What did you want to be?: journalist
Who did you fight?: capitalism
Who/What did you believe in?: marxism
Where did you go?: malta
What did you learn?: how to get yourself drunk in more than one way...

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