Who Are You?: CrispyVortex
Where Are You?: offices, W. London
What Are You?: internet producer (new media waster)
What do you make?: websites and that
What do you love?: getting drunk, listening to music
What do you hate?: it takes a lot of energy, and some kind of moral position, neither of which I possess
What do you listen to?: currently - Life Without Buildings, GYBE!, Lapse, Clientele, Will Oldham, Smog
What do you watch?: comedy, sports, news
What do you drink?: beer, wine, spirits
What do you smoke?: gave that up long ago
What do you take?: alcohol (which is a drink so it doesn't count)
What do you believe in?: we're all fucked up

When We Were 16

Where were you?: school, S. London
What were you?: a surly youth given to maudlin introspection
What did you wear?: school uniform , crummy Oxfam gear
What did you listen to?: Doors, Hawkwind, Bob Dylan, the Who, Clash, Sex Pistols, Pink Floyd
What did you watch?: comedy, sports, news
What did you love?: pop music, the future
What did you hate?: school, teachers, authority figures
What did you drink?: nothing much, a bottle of Cinzano on one occasion leading to turmoil
What did you smoke?: suspiciously ineffective joints at lunchtime (and fags, in general)
What did you take?: Dodo pills, speed-mimicking decongestants probably still available in your local chemist
What did you want to be?: writer
Who did you fight?: myself in the form of teachers, authority figures
Who/What did you believe in?: redemptive power of music & love (romantic + spiritual)
Where did you go?: Hammersmith Odeon; Tenerife; church youth club; into the woods
What did you learn?: don't get caught; avoid gin; rugby is wrong

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