Who Are You?: A young man by now, I suppose.
Where Are You?: In a university in central Europe.
What Are You?: Tired. All the time. What do you make?: Time pass. Occasionally a fool of myself. No money. Somewhere in the distane a Masters in International Law.
What do you love?: The way the world is completely new sometimes when I wake up.
What do you hate?: Hate is an awfully strong word that I try not to use so often anymore.
What do you listen to?: Everything that makes my heart beat faster. It used to be northern soul, but now more dusty old disco and new vocal house. And sentimental things like B&S and Gram Parson. And Avalanches.
What do you watch?: The rerun of the first season of Beverly Hills 90210 when I have breakfast. A weird Belgian travel show run by an obnoxious idiot named Sergio.
What do you drink?: Wine, vodka.
What do you smoke?: Too many of those red Gauloise.
What do you take?: Things not seriously enough I'm afraid.
What do you believe in?: That in the end we have a responsibility to be honest. And not to hurt other people more than is absolutely necessary to persue that goal.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: In Damascus, Syria.
What were you?: A pregrunge teenage intellectual. That's what I thought at the time at least. Even though I probably wouldn't have used those exact words. A basketballplayer. Extremely pretentious.
What did you wear?: Doc Martens and the apropriate accessories like torn jeans and ugly T-shirts.
What did you listen to?: The Clash. Led Zeppelin. The Doors. Happy Mondays. Stone Roses.
What did you watch?: That beautiful Syrian girl who went to the french school, but sometimes showed up at our school to see her friends.
What did you love?: That beatiful Syrian girl who went to the french school, but sometimes showed up at our school to see her friends.
What did you hate?: That I watched the beautiful Syrian girl who went to the French school, but she never saw me.
What did you drink?: Coke. Sometimes a horrible beer called Barrada. Once a Bloody Mary in a hotel lobby, because that was the only drink I had ever heard of. Except for Dry Martini, but that didn't seem to go well with my Doc Martens.
What did you smoke?: My first Marlboro Lights together with my Dutch friend.
What did you take?: Myself very seriously.
What did you want to be?: Poet, journalist, prime minister. Everything.
Who did you fight?: Myself. Like most 16-year olds. My grandparents who I lived with over the summer. But I don't think they ever knew that. I was far too polite.
Who/What did you believe in?: Jim Morrison. My friend Tarek who always beat me in basketball. And in tennis. I think I thought at the time that I believed in myself.
Where did you go?: To hotel-lobbies to drink cokes and smoke my first marlboro lights.
What did you learn?: That if you pour some detergent in the pot and let it sit for a few minutes it's easier to get the rice off.

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