Who Are You?: joakim
Where Are You?: at work, Gothenburg, Sweden
What Are You?: a consumer
What do you make?: nothing nowadays
What do you love?: my ex-girlfriend, Harvey Pekars-comics
What do you hate?: mats gellerfeldt
What do you listen to?: Dave Hollister, Womack & Womack, Kevin Rowlands, R Kelly, Will Oldham
What do you watch?: anything but news
What do you drink?: i`m not,iĒm dehydrating
What do you smoke?: If i smoke cigarettes i get sick, but i can smoke weed without feeling sick, even if itĒs mixed with tobaco
What do you take?: nothing
What do you believe in?: the feeling I get from walking in new shoes and gillespies voice and the swedish film "Kvarteret Korpen"

When We Were 16

Where were you?: on the small island where i grew up
What were you?: punkrocker
What did you wear?: black
What did you listen to?: dead kennedys
What did you watch?: the news
What did you love?: i donĒt remember
What did you hate?: almost everything
What did you drink?: booze my friends older brother brewed himself.
What did you smoke?: nothing
What did you take?: nothing
What did you want to be?: older
Who did you fight?: never my parents
Who/What did you believe in?: socialism, and i think i still do.
Where did you go?: to school with a boat
What did you learn?: that it is important to remember, but i keep forgettin

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