Who Are You?: marianna maclean
Where Are You?: crouch end, london, england
What Are You?: a respectable working girl, sagittarius, optimistic, lazy
What do you make?: polish foods, a mess
What do you love?: my other half, cinnamon, wind, games
What do you hate?: manipulators, politics, being tired
What do you listen to?: pop music or birds chirping in the yard.
What do you watch?: on television: eastenders. on the internet: foreign exchange rates. on myself: my weight.
What do you drink?: freshly made juice, milk, lots of coffee, sometimes gin and tonic and other times smirnoff ice.
What do you smoke?: nothing.
What do you take?: lots of medicines.
What do you believe in?: the general goodness of humanity.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: grand rapids, michigan, usa
What were you?: a bored and angsty student
What did you wear?: lots of silver clothes and a trench coat.
What did you listen to?: pop and industrial music. my parents. my brother's ideas/plans.
What did you watch?: television: CNN, action movies, football, the simpsons, any indie/foreign films that came to the local cinemas.
What did you love?: bjork, coffee, and math of all things.
What did you hate?: high school, MTV, my ex-boyfriend, christians
What did you drink?: milk, lots of coffee, kool-aid
What did you smoke?: nothing
What did you take?: lots of medicines
What did you want to be?: a chemical engineer
Who did you fight?: my dad (to extend my curfew) my vice-principal (for not letting me do what i wanted)
Who/What did you believe in?: magic
Where did you go?: to a coffeehouse nearly every night. to a college to take classes.
What did you learn?: how to drive, how to french braid hair, calculus, how to play the guitar.

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