Who Are You?: brian
Where Are You?: ontario, california. it's Friday. i'm at work. i'm waiting to go home...
What Are You?: librarian. musician. drifter.
What do you make?: pretty music. confusion.
What do you love?: pretty music. art. loving and being loved.
What do you hate?: confusion. being alone (for too long).
What do you listen to?: abba. b&s. stereolab. curtis mayfield. air. smiths. flaming lips. beach boys. aislers set. the jam. beatles. nina simone. astrud gilberto...
What do you watch?: birds.
What do you drink?: coffee. jasmine tea. black & tan. mexican beer. What do you smoke?: camel lights on occasion.
What do you take?: what have you got?
What do you believe in?: love, god, karma, me.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: etiwanda high school. living with my parents. rancho cucamonga, CA.
What were you?: happy (for the first time in a long while).
What did you wear?: thrift store coat. smiths t-shirt. levis. suede shoes. flowers in back pocket.
What did you listen to?: smiths. new order. depeche mode. rem. pixies. specials. stone roses.
What did you watch?: teenage mutant ninja turtles. lots of MTV.
What did you love?: morrissey. my new friends. backyard parties.
What did you hate?: "fake" morrissey fans. living with parents. homework.
What did you drink?: coke classic.
What did you smoke?: bubble gum cigs.
What did you take?: vitamin C.
What did you want to be?: morrissey.
Who did you fight?: parents. "fake" morrissey fans. bill.
Who/What did you believe in?: morrissey.
Where did you go?: Claremont. Rose's Cafe. Anna's house. Chris's Garage. Morrissey concerts.
What did you learn?: there's more to life then morrissey! (no, really)

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