Who Are You?:
Where Are You?: West London, under a concrete motorway
What Are You?: A subsistence musician and daytime picture researcher
What do you make?: Lovely records for my friends
What do you love?: Cruel girls with black eyeliner and writing songs
What do you hate?: Cultural lethargy and the fear of the future
What do you listen to?: Right at the minute, the new Divine Comedy album, a lot of Stereolab and I'm revisting The Smiths
What do you watch?: Alan Partridge repeats
What do you drink?: lager
What do you smoke?: 30 a day
What do you take?: the piss - to the point of absurdity
What do you believe in?: Human experience can still be captured and transcended in 3 and a half minutes

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Leiecester - my parent's house
What were you?: a Mod
What did you wear?: see above
What did you listen to?: The Jam, The Smiths, Elvis Costelo and a dangerous amount of 70s Robert Palmer/Little Feat
What did you watch?: Other people
What did you love?: cruel girls with black eyeliner and the sound of my own voice
What did you hate?: The sun getting in my eyes and London-centric music media
What did you drink?: Tizer
What did you smoke?: Nothing
What did you take?: A lot of insults and coldness
What did you want to be?: a pop star
Who did you fight?: people who liked Oasis and other turgid indie guitar rock - verbally
Who/What did you believe in?: My own talent
Where did you go?: The Griffin - in Loughborough
What did you learn?: That people rarely like honesty

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