Who Are You?: james weaver
Where Are You?: new cross, london sometimes, essex other times.
What Are You?: males
What do you make?: beautiful music
What do you love?: listening to music on headphones in the dark and getting happily drunk
What do you hate?: jim davidson (obvious really)
What do you listen to?: the tumbledryer humming, sneaker pimps, placebo, smiths, marilyn manson, manics and soo much more
What do you watch?: nothing, no tv.
What do you drink?: anything (if it's free) guinness and red wine if i have to pay.....
What do you smoke?: malboro lites, or rothmans
What do you take?: nothing, anti drugs mannnnnnnn
What do you believe in?: god, myself and the government (of course)

When We Were 16

Where were you?: at school, in the park or doing my homework
What were you?: bored, frustrated, probably depressed.
What did you wear?: bad clothes
What did you listen to?: wilfully obscure indie schmindie music, david bowie and the sex pistols......
What did you watch?: anything and everything
What did you love?: really ugly townie girls who i was a fool to, and playing football in the park.
What did you hate?: school, everyone at school.
What did you drink?: fanta and any alcohol we could find
What did you smoke?: nothing
What did you take?: nothing
What did you want to be?: free
Who did you fight?: a kid called danny who beat the shit out of me, but i hit him back!
Who/What did you believe in?: nothing
Where did you go?: school, park, cinema, friend's house, home.
What did you learn?: that i could be better than what i was.

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