Who Are You?: Alex
Where Are You?: in my house in auckland, new zealand, being highly un rock'n'roll on a saturday night
What Are You?: tired, hungry, inflatable, strange, 15, female and pointy
What do you make?: demented fanzines , lame excuses and cheese on toast.
What do you love?: music.... cheese on toast? my cat? about 5 people?
What do you hate?: people with hair that flicks in my mouth. christians with nu-metal attitudes. mushrooms.
What do you listen to?: you would probably all scoff at my tryhard indieness. gorky's. sfa. sigur r's. belle and sebastian. kraut-rock. NZ stuff. and all those other british bands i forgot to mention. i also listen to the weird noise i can make inside my head when i do something funny with my ears, it sounds a bit like a glacier...
What do you watch?: films, and crappy australian soaps, and the Deutsche Welle stuff on tritv
What do you drink?: water and coke and anything it's spiked with
What do you smoke?: i am not rock enough for that, it makes me cough!
What do you take?: cheap CDs from Sounds Megastore.
What do you believe in?: nihilism. and my cat. actually no isms, not even prism to kill the cliche there

When We Were 16

Where were you?: 1 month into the future
What were you?: If my predictions are right: sick of school, afraid of balls, strange and female?!
What did you wear?: a school uniform, various flags, bay city rollers pants, tops that are too small for me with daft things printed on them like 'I'd rather push my Holden than drive a Ford' - a month in to the future, I was a bit of a poser really.
What did you listen to?: Augie March, Cassette, the electronic renaissance and the sound of fascism making the hills come alive.
What did you watch?: my friends getting drunk
What did you love?: sheep and the internet.
What did you hate?: my friends (getting drunk?)
What did you drink?: too much
What did you smoke?: no i didn't
What did you take?: a bow, and i threw my homework onto the fire, la la la la la la la la, you're a girl and i'm a boy
What did you want to be?: Icelandic
Who did you fight?: The Principal
Who/What did you believe in?: Euros
Where did you go?: School. Home. Online. Crawlspace. Japan?
What did you learn?: Boys are poo, hell is other people, New Zealanders look pointy, the passive tense in German, the history of Australia, the universe is shaped exactly like the earth, if you go straight along enough you'll end up where you were.

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