Where Are You?: in a rather dull suburb to a rather dull town in an unbelievably dull country (but, as they say, all good things come out of boredom)
What Are You?: human
What do you make?: my neighbours insane (not everyone appreciate the finer things in life, i e music, wine and song).
What do you love?: beauty (in all itĒs shapes and forms)
What do you hate?: the rain that never stops (IĒm starting to feel like Martin MillarĒs Alby Starvation who felt it must be something personal about the wind always blowing on him)
What do you listen to?: Charlie Parker, always & forever. Anything that can make my heart beat a little faster and make me feel like itĒs all worthwile.
What do you watch?: commersials, the scene in National Animal Lampoon-whatever-that-movie-is-called where Belushi slams the guitar into the wall. Genious.
What do you drink?: beer, mostly.
What do you smoke?: other peoples cigarettes
What do you take?: the train down to the south, where the weather is, after all, slightly better.
What do you believe in?: Me, myself & I. Music. Love (IĒm sure itĒs out there somewhere). Summer (surely itĒll come this year too, right?)

When We Were 16

Where were you?: in a classroom somewhere, scribbling Richey Edwards lyrics in some notebook.
What were you?: bored & boring
What did you wear?: jeans, t-shirts. the wrong kind.
What did you listen to?: Inspiral Carpets. Honestly.
What did you watch?: TV. Lots and lots of TV.
What did you love?: not much.
What did you hate?: my friends. pathétique, non?
What did you drink?: whatever it was, I didnĒt like the taste much and IĒm glad I never found out exactly what it might have been.
What did you smoke?: marlboro lights.
What did you take?: the bus to school. well, at least once or twice a week.
What did you want to be?: not me.
Who did you fight?: nobody. I just didnĒt care enough.
Who/What did you believe in?: nothing at all.
Where did you go?: great places in my head.
What did you learn?: that it is after all - ready for some clichés? - up to me. that IĒm not all that ugly. that things sometimes get better. that life is better in reality than on TV (although much less fashionable).

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