Who Are You?: im it baby! Where Are You?: in school.... What Are You?: kind of happy kind of sad What do you make?: the world go round What do you love?: everybody! What do you hate?: i don't. hate is such a strong word. I prefer indifference.. What do you listen to?: Kenny Bobien, Teddy Pendergrass, Marvin Gaye, Leroy Burgess, Al Green, D', Jill Scott, Mary J et al and surprisingly Ben Folds Five What do you watch?: the satellites and northern lights in Sweden What do you drink?: water, orange and raspberry crush, white wine, whisky What do you smoke?: nothing. as far as I know its not good for you What do you take?: part in life What do you believe in?: myself and ghosts

When We Were 16

Where were you?: not where I am now
What were you?: pretty fu****g miserable
What did you wear?: just stuff. Couldn't be bothered to dress up. Found it shallow (was 16 remember)
What did you listen to?: see above.
What did you watch?: lots of tv
What did you love?: my best friends boyfriend
What did you hate?: my best friend
What did you drink?: anything
What did you smoke?: naathing
What did you take?: se above
What did you want to be?: happy and somewhere else
Who did you fight?: I didn't fight and I still don't
Who/What did you believe in?: nothing unfortunately
Where did you go?: on long walks in my own head
What did you learn?: algebra german, maths social sciences spanish. facts of life

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