Who Are You?: Dunc :)
Where Are You?: West Yorkshire. Im proud of it too! I also live in Birmingham (grumble grumble...)
What Are You?: I like to think that Im anything but mainstream but then underground is the new mainstream so just leaves a jumble of ideals.
What do you make?: Not much, Im a student so its all theory. I do hope I make some people happy though.
What do you love?: The ups in life. Being in love with music and people. The little funny things that most people miss. Plath.
What do you hate?: The downs in life. The Cities. But mostly Eminem: FOR FLIPS SAKE PEOPLE, SINCE WHEN DID REBELLION HAVE SUCH A LARGE MARKETING BUBGET!
What do you listen to?: Ive been indulging in a bit of Elvis recently! Id recommend anyone reading this to give him another chance too. I also listen to the odd Sarah Records that I can find at reasonable prices.
What do you watch?: Cartoons. All the old Roadrunners and The Powerpuff Girls. Monty Python.
What do you drink?: Real ales. Wakefield Pride, Black Sheep, Bass, you get the idea.
What do you smoke?: I try not to but there's no escape what rude people blow into my face at gigs.
What do you take?: Nothing again. If you cant have a good time on Beer and friendship then there's no point trying.
What do you believe in?: A quote "Pop music's not gonna die, it just has no direction. We need a plan of action"

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Wakefield. School. I cant remember what I did on my 16th birthday though.
What were you?: A boy at a school.
What did you wear?: School uniform.
What did you listen to?: God, that time was mainly Carter USM, the Manics, the Smiths and anything NME told me to. I remember one day my world was rocked by "Candy Pop" on Top Of The Pops.
What did you watch?: Top of the pops. People trying to forge personalities based on trend. Friday Night comedy night on BBC2. Monty Python (somethings never change)
What did you love?: My 1972 Kay guitar with in built effects board (30 from my driving instructor with a sound to match)
What did you hate?: The Rugby Team taking the piss out of us hockey players. Hockey. The idea that all women are empowered by some form of "girl Power"
What did you drink?: Guinness.
What did you smoke?: Nothing.
What did you take?: Nothing.
What did you want to be?: What I am now.
Who did you fight?: I didnt. Runnings always a better option.
Who/What did you believe in?: I dont think that Hero's are healthy. I had a nice Velvet Underground poster
Where did you go?: The Graziers who served us despite blatantly being underaged.
What did you learn?: That you cant form a consistant opinion on life at such an early age.
The End. Thanks for taking time out of your day and reading about me.

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