Who Are You?: Jessica Lyndsey (nugget_n@yahoo.com)
Where Are You?: The office, with an almost-window to my left.
What Are You?: Philosophy student, Worker Bee, writer...
What do you make?: Journals, collages, postcards, poetry...
What do you love?: Writing, reading, painting, pasting, rowing, humming, sleeping, learning, biking...
What do you hate?: I try not to do that these days.
What do you listen to?: Now how do I pick only a few? (And so she successfully dodges the question.)
What do you watch?: I try not to watch too much TV, but have to admit to some. Movies, at home and away.
What do you drink?: When the situation presents itself, Sweet & Sour, Long Island, Martini, or those lovely mixed whatnots.
What do you smoke?: I've bought a few serious cigars, but only so that they may be enjoyed by someone who might thoroughly enjoy them.
What do you take?: One lump or two?
What do you believe in?: That some day my belief will be enough to undue my disbelief.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Lansing, Michigan
What were you?: Let's make this easy: A student.
What did you wear?: Low bits were always jeans and Doc Martens. High bits were never the same.
What did you listen to?: 92.1 The Edge, Lansing's alternative station.
What did you watch?: My So Called Life, music videos, and as many movies as I could get my hands on.
What did you love?: Forgetting for a moment that I was me.
What did you hate?: Back then? What didn't I hate?
What did you drink?: On the extremely rare occasion, beer.
What did you smoke?: I didn't.
What did you take?: Time...stolen wherever I could get it.
What did you want to be?: Peaceful
Who did you fight?: I wasn't very scrappy.
Who/What did you believe in?: That you couldn't believe in anyone.
Where did you go?: On the days I thought that actually going nowhere was better than not going somewhere, I went anywhere. The rest of the time I would hole-up in my room.
What did you learn?: It doesn't get any better just sitting around waiting for it to get better.

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