Who Are You?: still a fairly young lady. very large ego.
Where Are You?: falling out of love... of course
What Are You?: a new yorker (not to be confused with a native new yorker)
What do you make?: music, gas, poo, haute cuisine, uneven hems
What do you love?: now, just music. and pork. and beef. and the danielson famile. oh, and my famile (who'd 've thunk?).
What do you hate?: the fact that women always ruin romance by trying to make it last forever
What do you listen to?: anything. defined by the exceptions: modern nashville-style country, lounge doo-wop, smooth jazz. anything too hi-fi gives me the creeps.
What do you watch?: too much mtv/vh1. people & time go by. the mirror.
What do you drink?: juice
What do you smoke?: just a wee bit o' wee-d
What do you take?: happy pills
What do you believe in?: god?

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Long Island, New York.
What were you?: A Nerd making friends.
What did you wear?: The remnants of a perm. Clothes to hide in. My hair over my face.
What did you listen to?: New Wave and Other Eighties Music. My First Punk Rock.
What did you watch?: After-school cartoons.
What did you love?: another nerd, a half-filipino boy, and reading.
What did you hate?: myself.
What did you drink?: juice and milk.
What did you smoke?: nothing. cigarettes weren't cool enough for me, and I wasn't cool enough for pot.
What did you take?: nothing. see "What did you smoke?"
What did you want to be?: anyone else. honest. perfect. pretty.
Who did you fight?: my school friends, passive-aggressively.
Who/What did you believe in?: the general unfairness of life.
Where did you go?: college and popularity.
What did you learn?: one doesn't stay smart forever without a bit of effort.

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