Who Are You?: Chris.
Where Are You?: Coventry.
What Are You?: a set of equations. insert the right conditions, and i respond accordingly.
What do you make?: myself scared.
What do you love?: Will Oldham.
What do you hate?: 75% of youth today.
What do you listen to?: Will Oldham
What do you watch?: My Monitor, especially my Inbox.
What do you drink?: hot sweet tea.
What do you smoke?: nothing. I don't feel i need various substances to make me feel like a real person.
What do you take?: too long. I lack motivation. Unless a drum kit is at the other end.
What do you believe in?: Linux.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Tesco. Night Shift.
What were you?: Tired.
What did you wear?: A cleaner version of this. Without the holes.
What did you listen to?: Blur. Aerosmith.
What did you watch?: This Life.
What did you love?: My first girlfriend.
What did you hate?: The person that ran over my dog.
What did you drink?: hot sweet tea.
What did you smoke?: nothing.
What did you take?: "Eat British Beef" signs from fields near train stations.
What did you want to be?: married.
Who did you fight?: Wario.
Who/What did you believe in?: that things would continue as they were.
Where did you go?: Tesco.
What did you learn?: How to Burst coke bottles with a knife from 50 ft.

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