Who Are You?: a d
Where Are You?: leeds uk
What Are You?: pilgrim
What do you make?: sense of the world (well, i try)
What do you love?: life, mostly
What do you hate?: not having a clue about anything much
What do you listen to?: music, although i'd rather hear god
What do you watch?: the world going by
What do you drink?: good dark bitter and coffee
What do you smoke?: cuban cigars when i can afford them
What do you take?: the piss?
What do you believe in?: god - or at least i try to

When We Were 16

Where were you?: same place i've always been
What were you?: immature and naive
What did you wear?: uncool clothes
What did you listen to?: anything that didn't scare me
What did you watch?: loads and loads of tv
What did you love?: i can't remember
What did you hate?: being unsure of who i was
What did you drink?: guiness mostly
What did you smoke?: dope occaisonally
What did you take?: too much notice of others opinions
What did you want to be?: myself
Who did you fight?: everyone who had expectations of me
Who/What did you believe in?: in myself i think
Where did you go?: i kinda just hung around
What did you learn?: probably very little

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