Who Are You?: 26 years single boy
Where Are You?: Copenhagen, Denmark
What Are You?: Nothing really. Not yet.
What do you make?: Radio. Walking around at night.
What do you love?: The smell of clothes dried outside in the wind. Some people say that it's the smell of ozone.
What do you hate?: When I want to buy a record and my account is below zero.
What do you listen to?: The Free Design, Beach Boys, Lemonheads.
What do you watch?: South Park and the weather prophets.
What do you drink?: milk and honey, tea with lime, coffee no sugar
What do you smoke?: Homegrown
What do you take?: ...five?
What do you believe in?: Well, it's not possible to save the world, so...love perhaps or is it a clichée?

When We Were 16

Where were you?: At home, doing nothing except listening to records and wanting a girlfriend.
What were you?: School
What did you wear?: Don't ask. My stockings were really long all the way up to just below my knees. Nice!
What did you listen to?: Beatles
What did you watch?: BH 90210
What did you love?: Music to do homework to.
What did you hate?: Homework, mum'n'dad.
What did you drink?: Green stuff with 22% alcohol.
What did you smoke?: nada
What did you take?: nada
What did you want to be?: Engineering...
Who did you fight?: Mum, sister, teacher, girls...
Who/What did you believe in?: Greenpeace, leftwing politics and so on.
Where did you go?: High school and they took my believs away.
What did you learn?: lots, espec about myself.

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