Who Are You?: JEL
Where Are You?: Suburban West London
What Are You?: Human, Male, Post-graduate student
What do you make?: Pictures, sometimes music, carbon dioxide...
What do you love?: Robots, music, sunny days, feeling insignificant, sleep, casiotone, the Beach Boys, Kraftwerk, snow, being alive, my dog, my cat, my family, my friends, the Music Tapes, tea...stuff like that...
What do you hate?: Being bored
What do you listen to?: Beach Boys, Kraftwerk, Classic rock, thrash metal, twee pop, elephant6, some obscure stuff...
What do you watch?: Dawsons Creek, Pokemon, Adam and Joe show, Cricket
What do you drink?: Coke, Jack Daniels, Milk, Tea, Water
What do you smoke?: Nutting
What do you take?: Nutting...an aspirin if I've got an headache
What do you believe in?: Sorta that their is part of eternity in all things...

When We Were 16

Where were you?: same place
What were you?: a student...
What did you wear?: Jeans, shirts, DMs
What did you listen to?: Grunge! Dinosaur Jr, Nirvana etc...
What did you watch?: Can't really remember...watched more Fottball back then!
What did you love?: Not much!
What did you hate?: Myself! he he! :)
What did you drink?: the same as now!
What did you smoke?: Nothing
What did you take?: Nothing
What did you want to be?: Alive!
Who did you fight?: No one
Who/What did you believe in?: Not much
Where did you go?: Nowhere
What did you learn?: To stop taking mayself seriously!

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