Where are you? on a college campus in the american midwest
What are you? scorpio, hedonist, neurotic
What do you make? rings around the collar, rings on tapletops, sometimes words on pages and screens
What do you love? a full stomach and free time
What do you hate? my penchant for procrastination
What do you listen to? until i started typing, airport girl's "honey, i'm an artist". recently, isaac hayes, yusef lateef, ivy
What do you watch? as little television as possible. but i'm not ashamed to allow myself to slip into movie mode: most recently, waiting for gufman, airplane, husbands and wives.
What do you drink? too much. red wine, ale, water, coke, tea. too often.
What do you smoke? yesterday, half of a very disgusting cigar, in celebration of the recent warmth. i usually can't stomach to put any sort of smoke into my mouth or elsewhere (?!).
What do you take? my time. other peoples' time.
What do you believe in? good times, eternal youthfulness, little else.

When We Were 16

Where were you? 30 miles south of here
What were you? student, reclusive, dour, holier-than-thou
What did you wear? pretty much the same as now, though possible one size smaller
What did you listen to? the smiths, beat happening, small factory, the softies, legendary jim ruiz group
What did you watch? i think i had a thing for "dear john" re-runs around that time. "northern exposure", perhaps?
What did you love? motor scooters, records, converse tennis shoes
What did you hate? hippies, ravers, athletes
What did you drink? coffee, snapple
What did you smoke? clove or two, joint or two. this is when i discovered that i shouldn't try to smoke anything...
What did you take? a lot of getting used to...
What did you want to be? the person with the largest record collection in the whole city
Who did you fight? physically, nobody. in my mind? hippies, ravers, athletes.
Who/What did you believe in? whoever i was listeing to at the time.
Where did you go? all-night diners and thrift stores.
What did you learn? nothing until much later on, when i stopped caring about having the biggest record collection, when i stopped being dour, when i stopped hating hippies, ravers, and athletes. i still had much to learn back then. still do, to some degree.

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