Who Are You?: a diseased boy who drinks too much Where Are You?: the village of shorewood, just outside of milwaukee, wi, usa What Are You?: i am a student, however, graduation is imminent What do you make?: $9.40 per hour What do you love?: markers, cameras, amy What do you hate?: eureka farm, puddles What do you listen to?: people, music What do you watch?: people, movies What do you drink?: stoli What do you smoke?: salmon What do you take?: what they're givin' What do you believe in?: me

When We Were 16

Where were you?: waukesha, wi, usa What were you?: almost seventeen What did you wear?: the same thing every day What did you listen to?: punk What did you watch?: basement rock shows What did you love?: not a whole lot What did you hate?: my kidneys What did you drink?: water, dew What did you smoke?: nothing What did you take?: a shitload of prescription meds What did you want to be?: healthy Who did you fight?: the system Who/What did you believe in?: friends Where did you go?: children's hospital of wisconsin What did you learn?: i don't quite know how to respond

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